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The first step in developing an effective studying plan for the SAT is to take a diagnostic test. This step will allow students to isolate what areas are posing difficulties for them and where they need to improve. If you have not taken either a real or practice test yet, please do so. You can go to one of the following sites to take a free, online practice test:




Based on the results of these diagnostic tests we can develop a comprehensive strategy for how to approach each section of the test. My goal is to have you know the material and learn the skills so that you can outthink the test makers. I will work with you over the course of our weekly meetings and assignments to improve your understanding of concepts and refine your problem-solving techniques.

As opposed to other test taking programs that help you develop tricks or stratagems to succeed on the SAT, I believe that knowledge is key. I don’t want you to trick your way into a score. I want you to think your way into an awesome score. Tricks are not always reliable. Knowledge is fool proof.

Up to a challenge? Try the SAT question-of-the-day!


The Reading  section of the test emphasizes three areas:

1)Your ability to read a passage carefully and decide on what is stated in or implied by a given passage


2) Your ability to read a sentence and choose the word or set of words that, when inserted in the sentence, best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.


I will provide you with the tools so that you can hone in on the key concepts within a passage and determine the main ideas. Then, when you approach the questions in the test, you will already have the answers ready based on your careful reading of the material.

Furthermore, I have a way to help you work through vocabulary passages so that you can determine answers even when you are not sure of the exact meaning of the words at hand. Again, these tools are based on my understanding of how to outthink the test makers.


The Math section of the SAT does not test you on any concepts beyond Algebra II. Thus, a student with a decent math preparation should have the ability to do well on this section of the test. In your preparation for this section of the test, we will review concepts and facts regarding the basic formulas used on the test. I will then go on to teach you the categories of materials tested and how to analyze the questions and answer them correctly.


The Writing section of the test gives you an opportunity to show how effectively you can develop and express ideas. This is probably the easiest part of the test to prepare for. In our time together, I will help you develop an overall strategy for how to approach the writing portion of the test and how to ensure a top score on this section.  We will review how to write a thoughtful and well rounded essay so that you can confidently approach this section.

Upcoming SAT dates: October 5, November 2, December 7, January 25.
What to bring to the SAT: Admission Ticket, Two No. 2 pencils and an eraser, Photo ID, an Acceptable Calculator.

You may request Sunday testing if your religious observance prohibits your ability to test on a published Saturday test date, and this conflict is validated by an official clergy letter.