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Berlove-David Feb 11 2009David began his tutoring career at the age of 11 when he worked as a tutor of Hebrew language to high school students. Since that time, he has developed a deep understanding of how to think about standardized tests and how to outsmart the test takers. His own foray into taking the SAT in high school involved looking at a study guide in the 24 hours prior to the test. After this studying, he got an 800 on the verbal and 700 on the math. He sometimes wonders how he would have scored had he really studied.

His approach to test taking is to provide students with the right tools so they know how to think about the questions and develop their own ability to outsmart the test makers. He knows that with this approach in hand, you too can go from average to outstanding in a few short weeks. He started Excellence-Tutoring in order to help students reach their individual goals as well as to provide an opportunity for him to pursue his own love of teaching.

David Berlove has a Ph.D. in neurobiology from the University of Rochester. In addition to loving to learn about the brain — and enjoying the ability to use his own from time to time — he has a deep love for reading Sherlock Holmes and studying arcane facts about world history.

Core Philosophy: Skilled tutoring, designed around the needs and talents of an individual, can make a world of difference in his or her future life and success.